The Mission

The board members of Vision Nicaragua have voted to bring Ron onto the team to assist in their mission and vision.

Our goal is to develop businesses in the area that offer jobs for the men in providing alternative opportunities for employment outside of the cane fields. Currently, a block making company is in operation while the start of a welding company is underway.

Block Making Company

Ron will be making frequent trips to Nicaragua to help them in the growth of these businesses. This also gives him the opportunity to build relationships and mentor these men on a spiritual level using Biblical principles to manage businesses.

We have considered the possibility of moving there perma nently as God leads us on this journey. As many of the men die, it will leave many women and children without husbands and fathers. We also intend to work closely with the other mission-based groups in the area to draw on each otherís strengths to support each other for the Kingdom. We are very excited to be apart of the team and to see how God uses His hand in all of us.